Benefits and Drawbacks of Storage Units for a Move

Posted by Dave Robison on Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 at 7:11am.

At Eagle Mountain, nothing makes our agents happier than getting a buyer and their family into the home of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful new construction home, a lot for sale or any other kind of property need, we have real estate listings available for you.

We’re with you throughout the entire homebuying process, including closing things out and preparing for the big move. This process, which involves selling your home and moving lots of possessions around, often causes buyers to look for temporary storage solutions – usually in the form of offsite storage units. Should you be considering such a unit? The answer depends on a few factors. Let’s look at a few of the plusses and minuses that come with these units.

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Positives of Storage Units

  • They allow virtually unlimited space for all your possessions.
  • They make it far easier to empty your current home of your private items and stage it for prospective buyers. This will also allow your home space to appear larger, which is valuable when showing the home.
  • They limit the stress of truck and car storage, allowing you to focus on other elements of the sale and move.
  • They put off decisions on which possessions to keep and which to discard until you have more time available.
  • They allow you to try different pieces of furniture and designs in your new home to get an idea of various design elements.

Negatives of Storage Units

  • They add to your moving costs and expenses.
  • When using storage units, you technically have to move twice – once to the unit itself, and then another time to the new home you’re moving into. With other formats, you can just make a single move in most cases.
  • Storage units may encourage you to put off storage decisions for too long. People often store things they don’t truly need, but then forget about them – but keep paying the storage fees for them without realizing it.
  • You have to ensure you use a secure, legitimate storage unit company that guarantees security or offers insurance – some don’t.
  • It can be tough to get to things in the back of a full storage unit.

Portable Storage

In the last decade or so, portable storage units have become very popular. These are units that allow you to pack at the old home at whatever rate you want, then are moved to your new home by the company offering the service. From here, you pay a daily or weekly fee until you’ve unpacked everything – you can go at your own speed here. These offer more convenience than separate storage units, though you may have concerns about their security in some cases.

For more on whether or not to consider storage units during your next move, or for information on any of our property for sale, speak to the pros at Eagle Mountain today.

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