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There are a few parts of the real estate process that might seem a bit confusing to those just entering this world for the first time, and one of these areas could be the various designations used for real estate agents and other professionals. There are several different kinds of real estate agents and realtors out there, and finding the right one with the proper certifications and qualifications will be important if you’re beginning a home search.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to offer only the very best accredited real estate agents for all your homebuying needs. While the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) actually has dozens of different designations and certificates that might be held by various real estate professionals, we’ve

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over several of the most important post-closing costs to consider if you’ve purchased a new home. Closing costs themselves represent a significant part of the homebuying and mortgage process, but there are also some basic living and future areas to consider as you budget for this period.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ve happily helped numerous clients not only buy a home in Eagle Mountain, but also understand the full range of potential costs that may come along with their choice. In today’s part two, we’ll go over a few additional areas where you should consider budgeting for your move and other parts of your new home life.

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Food Restocking

When preparing to move out of their old home, many

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The process of buying a home represents a significant investment, one with several stages to consider. There’s the primary mortgage loan you’ll be applying for, for one, but also several closing costs, fees and potential other expenses that you have to keep straight during this process.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ll help you through every step in this process as you look to buy a home in Eagle Mountain. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over one of the final expense areas to think about: Post-closing costs, including a few areas that will help you prep for long-term homeownership and get you settled as you finalize the sale and move into your new home.

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Moving Costs

For starters, you want to ensure that any financial calculations you

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As a potential new homebuyer, you may have a variety of potential preferences when it comes to specific details of the home you’re looking for. Some are going for an open floor concept or highly desire specific bathroom features, while others focus in on things like appliance efficiency, local services or a variety of other potential areas.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re here to help as you browse our wide range of home listings, plus our condos, townhomes and other property types. One factor that’s very important to many buyers, particularly in homes with lots of it, is carpeting and the material being used for it – there are several different carpet options out there, and which is installed in a home you’re considering may play a role in your

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the important factors to keep in mind if you’re considering moving into a home that falls under a homeowners’ association. Abbreviated HOA, these groups are often responsible for various neighborhood or community services and regulations, from general maintenance to shared amenities, neighborhood watch and several other potential areas.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to offer a variety of homes for sale in several of our great communities, plus real estate agents who will help you understand every detail, including potential HOA involvement in a property you’re looking into. Today’s blog will go over a few additional areas to keep in mind as you’re investigating such properties.

important considerations homeowners’ associations

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In a variety of property areas or communities, homes and multi-unit buildings are governed in part by what’s called a homeowners’ association. Abbreviated HOA, a homeowners’ association can cover a number of areas, from shared amenities and recreational facilities to property aesthetics and general maintenance, among others.

At Eagle Mountain Living, many of our homes for sale exist within communities that include HOA presences. In many of these cases, buying one of these properties means you are required to join the HOA, including paying its yearly fees and other costs – though there may be cases where this isn’t an express requirement. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over several important areas to consider when it comes to HOAs, from the costs they

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If you’ve just closed on a new home purchase or plan to be doing so in the near future, this is both an exciting and important time for you in several areas, namely financially. And while there are several fund-related areas to keep an eye on during this period, one that’s important not to gloss over is the presence of an emergency fund for new homeowners.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to offer not only a wide range of properties and homes for sale, but also several real estate agent services including financing. Our agents have years of experience assisting homebuyers with their every need and question, including how much is truly needed for an emergency fund and how this should factor in to mortgage and homebuying calculations. Let’s go over

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There are a number of considerations you may be factoring in when choosing a new home, whether you’re looking for a new construction home, a townhome or condo, or any other kind of lot. Nearly all of these factors will play a role in the price of the home in question, and one important area here to be sure not to overlook is the home’s appliances.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ll walk you through appliance quality and any other important questions you have about any of our Eagle Mountain homes for sale. What are some of the appliances we’re talking about here, and how long do they usually last? Let’s go over this information plus some important resources at your disposal for understanding appliance quality in a potential new home.

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General Age

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If you’re searching for a new home, condo or any other real estate listing, one of the most important factors in your search will be the kitchen. Vital for everything from major practical needs to playing a big role in home value, the kitchen is one of the foundational areas in any residential property.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ll help you assess the kitchen as a part of the overall experience when you’re looking at homes for sale in Eagle Mountain. Here are some basics on choosing the right kitchen – why it’s important, the types available, and some broad themes to consider.

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Benefits of the Right Kitchen

There are several distinct benefits of choosing a great kitchen:

  • Home value: Kitchens and bathrooms are known as the two room
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Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future or even just keeping your options open for the future, there are several areas of homeownership to consider. Savvy homeowners are able to ride a fine line here – keeping their home comfortable and tasteful based on their desires and those of their family, but also keeping up on the kinds of areas that will maintain a high resale value if the time ever comes.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we can help with all home selling needs, whether you’re selling in the near or far term. One major area here in terms of riding this fence (literally, in some cases)? Landscaping. Let’s go over a few important areas to prioritize that can help you maintain the beautiful outdoor landscape you’ve always wanted,

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