Do’s and Don’ts For Homebuyer Property Tours

Posted by Ty Wilde on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 7:32am.

If you’re looking into buying a home, one of the most engaging and enjoyable parts of the process will be taking property tours. This is a period where you get to view many great properties and imagine yourself in them, plus learn a lot about what you’re truly looking for as a buyer and the kinds of homes that contain your needs.

At Eagle Mountain, our agents can help you with every in and out of a property tour. We can advise you on the important steps to remember to take, plus a few areas you should avoid to improve your chances of a good experience. Here are some do’s and don’ts we’ve collected over the years for property tours.

do’s don’ts homebuyer property tours


  • Be imaginative: Remember that while some elements of the home, such as broad design features like masonry, will be relatively permanent, many won’t be. Even if a home doesn’t appear to be your style the moment you walk into it, consider the kinds of inexpensive and simple changes that might change your mind – things like basic painting, window fixtures and treatments, or various appliances and amenities. There are even modern technologies out there that allow you to view augmented reality formats for a home, seeing a true virtual image of what the same space could look like with different colors or styles. Take advantage of these and any other tools to help envision yourself in the home.
  • Assume the owner is present, watching and listening: Even if you don’t see the home seller specifically, more and more people are using cameras to secure the property – and some people even install them specifically for home tours to get an idea of buyer interest so they can be prepared for negotiations. This may seem a bit spy-movie-like, but assume everything you say and do from the moment you step on the property is being seen and heard, and act accordingly.


  • Bring lots of people: It’s generally acceptable to bring a spouse and maybe another relative or friend or two, but even this might be pushing the limit here. The focus here should be your interests and needs, and too many opinions can get in the way here. Plus, similar to our last point above, they may influence what a seller thinks of you.
  • Take photos or video unless approved: You are on someone else’s property when you tour a home, and unless the owner has given you permission to take pictures or video, you might be breaking the law while doing so. Even if you are given permission here, never post these on social media or do anything else that might give the seller a bad impression of you.
  • Overuse the bathroom: It’s absolutely fine and expected to tour the bathroom and try out basic elements like the toilet and the sink, but don’t plan to actually use the restroom itself – this is poor form. Plan bathroom breaks before or after the tour.

For more on how to present yourself during a property tour or open house, or to learn about any of our homes for sale, speak to the pros at Eagle Mountain today.

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