City Center at Eagle Mountain

Neighborhood Guide

The City Center at Eagle Mountain has 22 neighborhoods—each with distinctive characteristics. Using the below map, you can find info for each of these neighborhoods and the homes that are currently for sale. At the bottom of this page, you will find sections that detail the following—single family home neighborhoods and townhome neighborhoods. Additionally, we've created lists for the most popular areas at City Center and new construction neighborhoods.

City Center at Eagle Mountain Neighborhood Map

Most Popular Communities at City Center

  1. Brylee Farms - New construction community next to Cory B Wride Memorial Park.
  2. Brandon Park - New construction community with a wide variety of offerings and quick build times.
  3. Sage Park - New construction right next to the future Eagle Mountain High School.
  4. Sunset Flats - New construction in the northeastern section.
  5. Eagle Park - Affordable single-family homes with a fun park in the middle of the neighborhood.
  6. Pioneer - The heart and largest neighborhood of City Center.
  7. Eagle Point - Southernmost neighborhood of new construction and existing single-family homes.

Single Family Home Neighborhoods in Eagle Mountain

Single-Family Home Neighborhoods

at Eagle Mountain's City Center

Townhome Neighborhoods in Eagle Mountain

Townhome Neighborhoods

at Eagle Mountain's City Center

New Construction Neighborhoods in Eagle Mountain

New Construction Neighborhoods

at Eagle Mountain's City Center