Eagle Mountain Parks

With over 50 parks to explore, Eagle Mountain has something for everyone! From playgrounds, sports courts, pavilions and grassy fields—to wide open spaces, here you'll find that perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy. Each of these pages features a drone video so you can get a bird's eye view of the park.

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The Ranches Parks

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Name Neighborhood Amenities
Ash Point Park Ash Point Playground, Fields, Benches
Chimney Rock Park Chimney Rock Fields, Trail
Eagles Gate East Park Eagles Gate Playground, Basketball Court
Eagles Gate West Park Eagles Gate Playground, Pavilion, Picnic Tables
Evans Ranch Park Evans Ranch Playground, Pavilion, Trails
Freemont Springs Park Freemont Springs Playground, Benches
Fridays Station Park Fridays Station Benches, Shade
Hidden Valley Park Hidden Canyon Fields, Trails, Benches
Kennekuk Park Kennekuk Benches, Shade
Kiowa Valley Park Kiowa Valley Playground, Field, Benches
Liberty Farms Park Liberty Farms Playground, Field, Benches
Liberty Farms West Park Liberty Farms Pavilion, Field, Open Spaces, Trails
Lone Tree Park Lone Tree Playground, Benches, Views
Mt Airey Park Mt Airey Fields, Trail
Nolan Park 7 Neighborhoods (See Map) Baseball Diamonds, Splash Pad, Playground, Benches
Nolan Park East Chimney Rock Large Pavilion, Field, Trails
Oak Hollow Park Oak Hollow Coming Soon
Palomino Park Porter's Crossing Town Center Coming Soon
Porter's Crossing Park Porter's Crossing Playground, Basketball Court, Pavilion
Ruby Valley Park Ruby Valley Large Pavilion, Baseball Diamond, Field
Rush Valley Park Rush Valley Playground, Benches
Saddleback Park Saddleback Playground, Field, Benches
Skyline Ridge Park Skyline Ridge Playground, Basketball Court
Smith Ranch Regional Park 4 Neighborhoods (See Map) Playground, Field, Benches
Stonebridge Park Stonebridge Playground, Tennis/Basketball Court, Field
Sunset Ridge East Park Sunset Ridge Playground, Picnic Tables
Sunset Ridge West Park Sunset Ridge Coming Soon



City Center Parks

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Name Neighborhood Amenities
Autumn Ridge Park Autumn Ridge Playground, Basketball Court, Pavilion
Brandon Park Brandon Park Coming Soon
Colonial Park Colonial Park Playgrounds, Basketball Court, Pavilion
Eagle Park Commons Eagle Park Playground, Pavilion, Field, Tetherball
Eagle Point A Park Eagle Point Fields, Trails
Eagle Point B Park Eagle Point Playground, Field
Eagle Point C Park Eagle Point Playground, Pavilion, Field
ENERGI Prime Park Eagle Park Fitness Playground, Field
Overland Park Overland Trails Playground, Pavilion, Field
Pioneer Park Pioneer Playgrounds, Basketball Court, Pavilion, Field, Trails
Pioneer Addition 5 Park Pioneer Playground, Trail, Benches
Pioneer Addition 6 Park Pioneer Playground, Benches
Pioneer Addition 7 Park Pioneer Playground, Benches
Pony Express Memorial Park Overland Trails Arena, Baseball Diamond, Skate Park, Cemetery
Sweetwater Park Sweetwater Playground, Pavilion
Walden Park 4 Neighborhoods (See Map) Playground, Basketball Court, Pavilions, Field, Restrooms



Community Parks

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Name Community Amenities
Arrival Park Arrival Coming Soon
Cedar Pass Ranch Park Cedar Pass Ranch Playground, Basketball Court, Pavilion, Field
Cory B Wride Memorial Park Overland Playground, 4 Baseball Diamonds, Splash Pad, Zip-Lines, Swings, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Pickleball Courts, Pavilions, Festival Field
Lakeview Estates Park Lakeview Estates Coming Soon
Meadow Ranch Hidden Park Meadow Ranch Pavilion, Field, Trails, Benches
Meadow Ranch North Park Meadow Ranch Rope Climber, Swings, Benches, Trails
Meadow Ranch South Park Meadow Ranch Playground, Benches, Trails
North Ranch Park North Ranch Playground, Pavilion, Field
Sage Valley Park Sage Valley Playground, Volleyball Court, Pavilion, Field
Silver Lake Amphitheater Park Silver Lake Playground, Sledding Hill, Restrooms, Field, Trails
Silver Lake North Park Silver Lake Playground, Benches, Trail
Silver Lake South Park Silver Lake Playground, Pavilion, Benches
Silver Lake Ansley Lane Park Silver Lake Coming Soon
Spring Run Park Spring Run Coming Soon
Valley View Park Valley View Playground, Zip Line, Pavilion, Field
Westview Heights Park Westview Heights Playground, Benches, Trail
White Hills Park Pole Canyon Coming Soon