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Eagle Mountain's is home to three shopping centers. The largest of the three is the Porter's Crossing Town Center, featuring the Ridley's Market. Farther west, you'll find Parkway Crossroads along with Eagle Mountain's best restaurants. In northern Eagle Mountain, the Prairie Gate Business Park has a variety of local businesses and a beautiful wedding/event venue right along the golf course.

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Porter's Crossing Town Center

Categories: Grocery, Hardware, Dining, Services, Medical

Porter's Crossing Town Center Shopping - Eagle Mountain

Eagle Mountain's premiere shopping destination is a welcome addition to this growing city, bringing the first supermarket and hardware stores to the area along with many other smaller shops and services.

Address: Corner of Pony Express Pkwy
& Porter's Crossing Pkwy

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Parkway Crossroads

Categories: Dining, Gas, Child Care, Dental

Parkway Crossroads Shopping - Eagle Mountain

Located west of Porter's Crossing, the Parkway Crossroads Shopping Center is home to Eagle Mountain's best restaurants, a gas station, a dance studio, a child care facility and more.

Address: Crossing of Pony Express Pkwy
with Ranches Pkwy

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Prairie Gate Business Park

Categories: Gas, Events/Weddings, Salon, Medical

Prairie Gate Business Park - Eagle Mountain

At the Prairie Gate Business Park, you'll find a gas station, an event/weddings venue "Garden Near the Green", a hair salon, and other businesses. There's also office space available for lease.

Address: Crossing of Cedar Point Rd
with Ranches Pkwy

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