Landscaping Elements that Raise Home Value Before a Sale

Posted by Ty Wilde on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 at 7:19am.

Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future or even just keeping your options open for the future, there are several areas of homeownership to consider. Savvy homeowners are able to ride a fine line here – keeping their home comfortable and tasteful based on their desires and those of their family, but also keeping up on the kinds of areas that will maintain a high resale value if the time ever comes.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we can help with all home selling needs, whether you’re selling in the near or far term. One major area here in terms of riding this fence (literally, in some cases)? Landscaping. Let’s go over a few important areas to prioritize that can help you maintain the beautiful outdoor landscape you’ve always wanted, but that also keep your home value high.

landscaping home value sale

Shrubs and Color

You want to infuse more bright colors than just green into your yard, and shrubs area a great way to do it. Many of them have foliage with several other shades, such as white, red, purple or yellow. There are also flowering shrubs for each of the major seasons, even winter, that you can put down for accents in several areas. Finally, consider evergreens that bring varying shades of green to the yard the full year-round.


Another great property value-add in many areas is a garden full of vegetables, fruits and even herbs in some cases. Not only will this garden serve as a way for you to be involved in your beautiful landscaping, it will also provide materials for cooking.

Better yet, herbs and vegetables are great for re-seeding with grass at the proper times. This is a good outlet for selling your home if you ever need to – you can re-seed or make the case to the new owner that re-seeding will be very simply done.


If you’re utilizing shrubs as we noted above, or if you have beds of trees, annuals are a great way to insert some color on a seasonal basis. They don’t require a yearly commitment, meaning they won’t create any long-term landscaping concerns if you choose to sell.

Outdoor Living Areas

One of the single most popular elements for homes on the market today is outdoor areas that bring living and socializing capabilities. We’re talking about covered decks, patios, fire pits and similar areas that allow you to cook, eat and otherwise gather. These spaces can provide huge ROI value if you end up selling your home, plus can make your home more enjoyable while you still live in it.


And finally, another desirable element for buyers today is fencing, particularly in busy areas. Younger families love fencing, and it can also integrate well with your other landscaping while providing privacy benefits. For those with pets, a group that comprises a large percentage of buyers, fences will be a must.

For more on the kinds of landscaping features that can help raise your home’s resale value, or to learn about any of our houses for sale or realtor services, speak to the staff at Eagle Mountain Living today.

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