December 2018

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The following stats are for the first part of December 2018 

 Current Market Supply

  • Number of ACTIVE homes: 2258
  • Change from last month: -4.89%
  • Change from last year: +38.02%

 Number of homes listed

  • Number of homes listed in November 2018: 1,024
  • Change from previous month: -22.42%
  • Change from last year: +14.80%

Medium Sales Price

  • Median sales price for last month: $309,000
  • Change from previous month: no change
  • Change from last year: +10.36%



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If you’re looking into buying a home, one of the most engaging and enjoyable parts of the process will be taking property tours. This is a period where you get to view many great properties and imagine yourself in them, plus learn a lot about what you’re truly looking for as a buyer and the kinds of homes that contain your needs.

At Eagle Mountain, our agents can help you with every in and out of a property tour. We can advise you on the important steps to remember to take, plus a few areas you should avoid to improve your chances of a good experience. Here are some do’s and don’ts we’ve collected over the years for property tours.

do’s don’ts homebuyer property tours


  • Be imaginative: Remember that while some elements of the home, such as broad design features like masonry,
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