Basics on Carpet Materials You’ll Find in Homes for Sale

Posted by Ty Wilde on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 7:38am.

As a potential new homebuyer, you may have a variety of potential preferences when it comes to specific details of the home you’re looking for. Some are going for an open floor concept or highly desire specific bathroom features, while others focus in on things like appliance efficiency, local services or a variety of other potential areas.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re here to help as you browse our wide range of home listings, plus our condos, townhomes and other property types. One factor that’s very important to many buyers, particularly in homes with lots of it, is carpeting and the material being used for it – there are several different carpet options out there, and which is installed in a home you’re considering may play a role in your choice. Here are some of the most popular carpet materials and some basics on the care requirements and durability found in each.

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For those looking for a carpet format that resists stains and requires very little maintenance, polyester is a great choice. It’s both stain-resistant and fade-resistant, plus naturally repels liquid to prevent annoying spill risks. This is the case even without any kind of expensive treatment, meaning your polyester carpet stays soft for years.

The only downside of polyester is the lifespan, which may be slightly shorter than other types. But it can also be recycled, which makes it environmentally friendly for those who prioritize such factors.


For those who value durability above all else, nylon carpeting is likely the way to go. It’s a firm fiber that’s meant to hold up to significant foot traffic, plus naturally resists dirt and various forms of fraying.

One note on nylon is that, unlike polyester, it must be specifically treated for stain resistance – however, this is an easy process. This makes nylon great for homes with pets or small children who may spill on or damage other carpet types.


Also called olefin, polypropylene is another fiber that naturally resists stains without treatment. It also resists water damage and mildew concerns, plus does not suffer from static electricity concerns like other carpet materials.

This product, however, can be a bit more prone to crushing, plus can be weakened by direct sunlight if it hasn’t been treated to protect from this. It is also susceptible to oil spills, meaning it’s not often chosen for areas like dining rooms where cooking oil might be spilled.


Viscose, also known as rayon, is a blend of natural and synthetic fiber types. It’s similar to silk in some ways, often used more for area rugs or smaller spaces rather than larger carpeting areas. It’s soft and absorbent, great for bathrooms in some cases, but also susceptible to spills.

For more on various carpet materials you might find in homes as you browse, or to learn more about any of our homes for sale, speak to the staff at Eagle Mountain Living today.

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