Renovations to Avoid Before Selling a Home

Posted by Dave Robison on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019 at 7:58am.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to assist clients on both ends of the real estate spectrum. Whether you’re looking to buy a home from one of our numerous Eagle Mountain Listings or list your house for sale and find great buyers, our team is here to help.

In many cases, those considering selling in the future may be looking into remodeling areas or renovations that will increase the resale value of the home and increase overall return-on-investment. And while several such renovations may qualify, there are actually certain renovation types that may lower resale value or otherwise complicate the sale process. Here’s a primer on a few renovations you might actually want to avoid if selling the home soon is a priority for you.

renovations avoid selling home

Garage Conversions

For people in certain living situations, converting some or all of the garage space into a living area makes sense. This is true if your family does not use cars for transportation and multiple members of the home have offices in the house, for instance.

From a resale value standpoint, however, these are not considered good investments. The vast majority of buyers want traditional garage space available for their vehicles and storage needs, and very few have a need for this kind of extended living space. Most will view a large garage space as a far more attractive buying option than that same space being used for living (and sacrificing its original purpose).

Swimming Pools

The issue when it comes to swimming pools and resale value: Maintenance. The actual pool itself may not impact the home value all that much, or could even raise it in slight ways depending on the buyer, but the requirements needed to maintain the pool will often be the deal-breaker.

This is particularly true for inground pools, which unlike above-ground pools cannot be easily removed at the buyer’s request. Some buyers may also worry about liability issues, especially if they have young children who may have friends over. Any issue with a property that cuts out some percentage of buyers will naturally be bad for your overall resale value.

Luxury Enhancements

Finally, while you may enjoy several luxurious enhancements you’ve made on the property, the same can’t always be said or buyers. We’re talking areas like wine cellars, hot tubs, massive walk-in closets, landscaping water features, and various high-tech innovations you may have chosen to place in the home. These may do wonders for your own comfort and quality of life, but just like with swimming pools, you have to expect that a reasonable percentage of buyers simply won’t have the same needs – and won’t want to deal with the maintenance and expenses associated with them.

For more on the kinds of renovations you should avoid in advance of selling your home, or to learn about any of our homes for sale, speak to the staff at Eagle Mountain Living today.

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