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There are a few particular words or terms you might find within a home purchase process, and one such word is “contingency.” A contingency, generally put into place to protect the buyer, refers to any provision placed in a standard purchase contract – more than one contingency can be added to a contract, and if contingencies that are agreed upon are not met, the buyer has the right to back out of the sale with no fee or penalty.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re here to help with contingencies and any other details involved when you purchase any of our real estate listings. While contingencies are a valuable tool for buyers, they can also have negative results if you push things too far or are competing with other buyers who do not have as many

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There are a number of considerations you may be factoring in when choosing a new home, whether you’re looking for a new construction home, a townhome or condo, or any other kind of lot. Nearly all of these factors will play a role in the price of the home in question, and one important area here to be sure not to overlook is the home’s appliances.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ll walk you through appliance quality and any other important questions you have about any of our Eagle Mountain homes for sale. What are some of the appliances we’re talking about here, and how long do they usually last? Let’s go over this information plus some important resources at your disposal for understanding appliance quality in a potential new home.

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General Age

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At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to assist clients on both ends of the real estate spectrum. Whether you’re looking to buy a home from one of our numerous Eagle Mountain Listings or list your house for sale and find great buyers, our team is here to help.

In many cases, those considering selling in the future may be looking into remodeling areas or renovations that will increase the resale value of the home and increase overall return-on-investment. And while several such renovations may qualify, there are actually certain renovation types that may lower resale value or otherwise complicate the sale process. Here’s a primer on a few renovations you might actually want to avoid if selling the home soon is a priority for you.

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If you’re searching for a new home, condo or any other real estate listing, one of the most important factors in your search will be the kitchen. Vital for everything from major practical needs to playing a big role in home value, the kitchen is one of the foundational areas in any residential property.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we’ll help you assess the kitchen as a part of the overall experience when you’re looking at homes for sale in Eagle Mountain. Here are some basics on choosing the right kitchen – why it’s important, the types available, and some broad themes to consider.

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Benefits of the Right Kitchen

There are several distinct benefits of choosing a great kitchen:

  • Home value: Kitchens and bathrooms are known as the two room
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At Eagle Mountain Living, we’re proud to offer a full range of real estate services for those looking into buying a new home. We can help you from start to finish, whether you need assistance with finding good property listings, assessing local factors like schools and other features, or even finalizing a purchase and preparing for the move.

This last area is one that can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. While moving into a new home opens up all sorts of fun new possibilities, it also involves a lot of detail, plus time and money spent to make sure everything is moved correctly. And if you’re a buyer who is already tight on funds, you might be looking for some ways to save during the move – here are some tips we can offer in this area.

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Whether you’re considering selling your home in the near future or even just keeping your options open for the future, there are several areas of homeownership to consider. Savvy homeowners are able to ride a fine line here – keeping their home comfortable and tasteful based on their desires and those of their family, but also keeping up on the kinds of areas that will maintain a high resale value if the time ever comes.

At Eagle Mountain Living, we can help with all home selling needs, whether you’re selling in the near or far term. One major area here in terms of riding this fence (literally, in some cases)? Landscaping. Let’s go over a few important areas to prioritize that can help you maintain the beautiful outdoor landscape you’ve always wanted,

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When designing a home, paying extra attention to details is imperative and will save you time and money down the road.  Look closely at this carpet, it's a busy pattern but across a large space, it could create a very balanced and calming environment. It's definitely one, that because of the pattern, is best used in a large space with a definitive starting and stopping point. Notice how it runs in one direction down the stairs  and the opposite direction across the rest of the space.  There's definitely no definitive starting or stopping place and with it being run in different directions, it creates the look of it being two different patterns. What do you think...should this carpet have been run in same direction down the stairs as the rest of the

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At Eagle Mountain, nothing makes our agents happier than getting a buyer and their family into the home of their dreams. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful new construction home, a lot for sale or any other kind of property need, we have real estate listings available for you.

We’re with you throughout the entire homebuying process, including closing things out and preparing for the big move. This process, which involves selling your home and moving lots of possessions around, often causes buyers to look for temporary storage solutions – usually in the form of offsite storage units. Should you be considering such a unit? The answer depends on a few factors. Let’s look at a few of the plusses and minuses that come with these units.

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The following stats are for the first part of December 2018 

 Current Market Supply

  • Number of ACTIVE homes: 2258
  • Change from last month: -4.89%
  • Change from last year: +38.02%

 Number of homes listed

  • Number of homes listed in November 2018: 1,024
  • Change from previous month: -22.42%
  • Change from last year: +14.80%

Medium Sales Price

  • Median sales price for last month: $309,000
  • Change from previous month: no change
  • Change from last year: +10.36%



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If you’re looking into buying a home, one of the most engaging and enjoyable parts of the process will be taking property tours. This is a period where you get to view many great properties and imagine yourself in them, plus learn a lot about what you’re truly looking for as a buyer and the kinds of homes that contain your needs.

At Eagle Mountain, our agents can help you with every in and out of a property tour. We can advise you on the important steps to remember to take, plus a few areas you should avoid to improve your chances of a good experience. Here are some do’s and don’ts we’ve collected over the years for property tours.

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  • Be imaginative: Remember that while some elements of the home, such as broad design features like masonry,
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